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Hunting for Terrorists

Army Counter Terrorist Attack Sniper Strike Shoot is an action game created by Thunderstorm Studio Free Fun Games. The action game features shooter mechanics where players take down terrorists in different locations.

Everything Simplified and Familiar

Army Counter Terrorist Attack Sniper Strike Shoot looks very similar to Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. There are only a few graphical changes to make itself distinguishable from the original shooter game. Starting the game prompts users to purchase first firearms and medkit. The available maps selectable are Nuke, Dust, Aztec, City, and Snow. Fans of Counter-Strike might remember the names but the layout and color scheme are altered. Each map has 20 levels to clear. The only difference between levels is that enemy location changes and their number increases. The amount of levels combined with the repeating maps is just to lengthen the gameplay time which can be boring. The action game provides an intuitive virtual d-pad and in-game HUD. The top portion of the screen indicates the time limit, the number of enemies to eliminate and the minimap. There is a pause button on the side for taking breaks. The far left corner shows how much health is left. The game is over if the health drops to zero or if the time limit expires. The bottom portion of the screen is for movement, hopping, aiming, shooting, reloading, throwing grenades, crouching, sprinting, picking up items and swapping firearms. Controls are very standard and nothing else is noticeable. It is very apparent that both allied and enemy A.I. are very dull. They would simply stand and anticipating the arrival of the player before doing any action. Their line of sight is also shallow so players can take advantage of it by sniping them at miles away. Others would run aimlessly to replicate any semblance of interaction with the players. Everything is overall telegraphed and less engaging. Completing each mission will give scores based on Mission Complete Bonus and Time Bonus. Points are utilized for in-game purchases. There is an alternate option of earning free coins by trying different deals from sponsors.

The Firefight Continues

Army Counter Terrorist Attack Sniper Strike Shoot is meant for a mobile version of the well renowned classic tactical shooter. It has a lot of shortcomings to recapture the best moments, but at least players can shoot down the targets.


  • Familiar Counter-Strike maps
  • Intuitive virtual d-pad
  • Very easy gameplay
  • Slight fun


  • May not work on other mobile devices
  • Microtransactions and in-game purchases
  • Minimal options and dated graphics
  • No multiplayer mode

Program available in other languages

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